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Post date: May 10, 2011 3:28:57 AM

Angelina has been teaching early childhood music lessons for 6 ½ years now at the Swiss School in Singapore. Over the years she has explored and developed her unique style of teaching approaches and gathered suitable material for foundation music development. She has been invited to conduct a parent-child workshop at the Esplanade to much success and she has been invited to conduct the 2nd installment in 2015.

Angelina is also a trained singer who has been singing and performing for over 30 years in choirs and now in a cappella ensembles. She is the founder and Artistic Director at The A Cappella Society and Urban Music Productions, overseeing concert projects and training projects and directing ensembles. She has also done choral conducting work in the past.


Your one-stop source for everything in contemporary vocal music.

With many years performing in and organizing events and concerts we have extensive experience in all areas. Whether you are looking for singers, a group or a band, event services or training for vocals, singing or music, simply contact us at urbanmp@gmail.com.

Our Services:

Event Entertainment, Concert Production, Audio and Video Recording

Training Programmes:

Pop Vocals: Masterclasses, Workshops, Courses, individual lessons

Choirs: Direction, Workshops

Enrichment Programmes

Our Artistes:

Urban Harmony Vocal Group

Urban Rock Choir

Angelina Choo